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Why pay thousands of dollars, at $200 per hour, for an attorney, accountant or business broker, when you can now become your own Business Broker. Then hire the experts when, and if, you really need them. Become an infomed Buyer or Seller by performing your own due dilligince.

The Fortt Business Guide has 505 computer files with 2,500 pages of text and forms, that cover just about everything you will need to know about buying, selling or brokering a business and a building, lease or fee simple.

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Whether you are buying, selling, or leasing a business and its building, the Fortt Business Guide includes thousands of great facts, concepts, guidelines and formats for you. Just one of these tips could transform a potentially flawed acquisition or sale into a successful one.

This premier business guide will help you prevent costly mistakes that often surface after a closing because of inadequate "due-diligence" and poor document preparation before a closing.

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"Tom, Thanks for taking the time to talk the other day. I just received the CD and started skimming through it. AWESOME! You will NOT be getting mine back unless you send someone over here to break into my safe. Yes, a safe! I already think it is that valuable. I can't imagine what I will think after I get a chance to really spend some time reading and learning. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Warm wishes, Tom."
(Harley, Z., Senior Financial Analyst)
Content Samples
If you desire a successful business acquisition or sale and profitability afterwards, then you must see the following sampling of the Fortt Business Guide contents...
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"Every woman who is considering buying a business certainly needs the Fortt Guide for a quick reference." (Phyllis C., Westminster, MD)
"I wish that the Fortt Guide was available when I purchased my last business ... I paid an attorney $3,000 to crank out a 'boiler plate' purchase agreement when I could have prepared my own (and had) him approve it."
(Roger S., San Francisco, CA)

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The Fortt Guide to Buying and Selling A Business
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